200 Years Anniversary from 1821 – Greek Independence

Mar 24, 2021 | Latest News

After many centuries of enslaved existence, freedom was an unfeasible dream for those who grew up in conditions of repression and fear. Greek revolution was a great promise in an era of conservative rule and diminished expectations, Greeks were not just fighting for faith and motherland but for their rights and liberties. It was not simply a nationalistic movement, it was mainly a political and social uprising which disrupted the domination of autocracy and totalitarianism. 

As Europe’s first  successful revolution in the 19th century, it stimulated a European drive for public freedom In our days, we can critically revisit the legacy and years of the revolution, to honor the visionary projects and empowering ideas,  admire the courage and the self-negation of the individuals.

The legacy remains declaring again and again that the struggle for human freedom, dignity and justice never ends, and we have to carry it on from generation and generation and win again and again what the great people of the past have struggled to achieve for us.

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