3+1 tips to prepare your home for winter!

Dec 3, 2021 | Latest News

However, with a few easy steps you can prepare your property for the long, cold months ahead.

Check your heating system

Before the weather gets cold, start to think about whether your radiators need bleeding, check that your boiler is working and dust off the vents/filters for maximum benefit. 

Service your boiler

Check that the pilot light is on and re-light it if necessary. It may also be worth having your boiler serviced by a Gas Safety registered engineer, this will ultimately give you peace of mind.

Check your windows and doors

To save on your heating bill, do a quick whip round and make sure they’re shut tight, ready for the colder weather. Also check whether there are any gaps in windows and doors, so you can seal them and reduce heating costs.

Ventilate your property

To prevent warm air and steam entering colder rooms, close the kitchen door whilst cooking, use extractor fans in the bathroom etc.

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