How to determine if a city is a safe place to live!

Nov 26, 2021 | Latest News

It would help if you considered each of these before moving and deciding how much they matter to you.

1. Look at the local crime rates

The local crime rates can tell you a lot about an area.  Search specifically for the violent crime rates in what neighborhoods you’re considering to ensure there’s no history of break-ins or burglaries.  

2. Check to see the traffic levels

 If you have children, you don’t want to live in areas where homes are right on the street and cars are zipping by with speed. Living in an area with less traffic also means you may get around town easier.

3. Ask those who live there

A fantastic way to decide if a city is safe or has a bad reputation is to talk to people who live there.   

4. Visit the city and see how you feel

Every city is different, so don’t worry too much unless you’ve visited the city.  Visit when no holidays or big sports events are happening in the town, and see how it feels on a normal day.

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