Larnaca: A Vision for the Future

Apr 14, 2023 | Cyprus Economy

Larnaca, with its rich history dating back over 4,000 years, presents a unique blend of East and West influences that have shaped its culture and heritage. The city’s unique location at the crossroads of Europe and the Middle East has also contributed to its rich heritage.
The city’s vision
The city’s vision for 2030, referred to as “Larnaca 2030”, was presented on April 2nd by the Mayor and President of the local organization. There is a unified effort of the city’s business community, government, educational institutions, artists, cultural organizations, and residents to secure the title of European Cultural Capital.

The General Director, Spyros Pisynos, presented the selection process and criteria, while the Artistic Director, Kelly Diapouli, explained the visual identity and basic directions of Larnaca 2030.

Larnaca 2030 is a dynamic and harmonious combination of elements that define the city and determine its personality and uniqueness, from its historical, cultural, religious, and natural perspectives. The individual elements in the logo of Larnaca 2030 are combined to form the city’s silhouette, telling its unique story and showcasing its lively colors, curves and straight lines, contrasts and convergences.

At the same time, these elements reflect the six pillars of Larnaca 2030: Multicultural, Creative, Family-friendly, Human, Sustainable City, and a City of Curiosity and Talent.

The city’s rich history, cultural heritage, and unique natural environment make it a prime candidate for the title of European Cultural Capital. The city’s residents, business community, and cultural organizations are working together to make this vision a reality.

For more information about Larnaca’s bid for the title of European Cultural Capital, please follow this link: European Capitals of Culture.

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