Larnaca through the new developments is becoming the new tourist city!

Oct 22, 2021 | Cyprus Economy

This year for Larnaca, tourism was moderate, but better than last year, while due to the limitations of the coronavirus pandemic, the city attracted visitors from the traditionally main markets of Russia, United Kingdom and Germany, but in smaller numbers than other years. At the same time, it attracted tourism from other countries, mainly Eastern Europe such as Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic but also from Israel. 

The various European and international sports events, held or scheduled until November, have contributed to the strengthening of Larnaca’s tourism, namely beach sambo, shooting, archery, swimming, tennis, marathon as well as football teams staying in hotels for matches/training. At the same time, the hoteliers consider that the various incentive plans that existed during the previous period it is necessary to continue so that some, even, can remain open during winter.

Various actions were taken, including the improvement of the facades of premises in Piale Pasha, the planting of trees on beaches and the placement of games in linear parks under the enriching & greening Larnaca’s beaches program, the national archery stadium, they are attracting sports tourism.

More actions thought ETAP are expected, the construction and the promotion of the path of nature in Larnaca’s salt lake, the improvements and upgrades of the tourist infrastructure, the promotion of alternative forms of tourism, such as cycling routes, sport tourism. 

The mayor of Larnaca Andreas Vyras stated that “In recent years many projects have been completed due to the good cooperation between the municipality and ETAP with aim to increase tourism. These projects include, the construction of new hotels and small boutique hotels, the improvement of the road network and the utilization of the refinery area, will open wide the doors for Larnaca to enter the tourist map”.

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