Larnaca’s Salt Lake takes a turn for upgrading.

Feb 11, 2022 | Cyprus Economy

A proposal of the Department of forests with which the concession of the land where the Environmental Center of Aliki is to be created, to the Environment Agency, is very soon being processed before the Cabinet of Ministers. Sources of the municipality of Larnaca stated that the important development arose just a few days ago and provided that already at the political level, there is already a positive position, it is expected that the Ministerial will approve the transfer.

The projects, the same sources add, will be approximately 1,5 to two million euros and are expected to start early in 2022, as the plans exist but just need some modifications. In addition, because the project will be co-funded with the European Union, to be within time frames, it must be completed within 2023.

More specifically, the design of the Aliki Environmental Center, whose management will belong to the Environment Agency and not to the municipality of Larnaca, as he would like, includes:

1.  Creation of an Environmental Center with modern means of learning in the area that previously existed in the premises of the former Leprokomio. Of this infrastructure all that will remain, for religious reasons and as a memory, will be the well-known Chapel of Agios Charalambos, protector of lepers.

2. Construction of a bridge fully adapted to the environmental character of the wider area. The original design, which had been done years ago, but for another area of Aliki, also included a playroom, cafeteria, etc., which, however, will now have to be adapted to the new location selected.

Specifically, the Aliki Environmental Center was chosen from 2012-2013, to be created near the park area of Aliki, south of the Hala Sultan Mosque. However, its creation was suspended in 2013 due to the “haircut” of bank deposits and the entry of Cyprus into the memorandum.

Important benefits for the city of Zeno

Alyki and Larnaca are in the network of European cities that have been within the limits of alykes for more than five years, which has already gained benefits for the city of Zeno and Cyprus. While Larnaca previously served as vice president of the institution. According to sources from the municipality of Larnaca, taking this into account and the large traffic of the site by foreign tourists, the absence of an environmental center from the Main Salt Lake of Larnaca, was a serious shortage for the city. With its creation, it is expected to increase the traffic from the side of tourists, but also from schools, universities, etc. whose students will also have the opportunity of training in the field.

In addition, the presence of state officials for many hours of the day on the northern outskirts of Aliki, will increase the surveillance rate of the site in general, preventing as expected arbitrary interventions and disasters that are taking place today.

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