Master plan for Larnaca.

Mar 18, 2022 | Cyprus Economy

By the summer, the LPG will also have been transferred to Vasilikos. and by the end of 2022, we  will see only fields and no facilities in Larnaca. 

As estimated, by the end of this year, the master plan of the area will be completed,  which due to the large area will play a decisive role in the formation of the new image of the  area. Investors will then be sought in order for projects to move faster. It is noted that the urban  zones in the area have changed, it is now considered tourist and will have high building factors,  due to the incentives given to move the oil facilities. The area allows you to make hotels, towers,  residential units, schools, hospitals, etc. It’s all open at this stage. In the area of the Larnaca –  Dhekelia road, however, several public works are planned such as parks, bicycle paths, as well  as extension of the pedestrian path to the coastal front of Finikoudes. The goal of Larnaca’s municipality is to transfer the Universities of the city there. 

The assessment is that there will be great growth in the area in the depth of five years, in a period where the investor’s work on the port and Marina of Larnaca will proceed. 

“The prospects are very good for Larnaca. Recently we had a meeting as Larnaca Tourism Development and promotion company with the consortium that will undertake the project of the port and Marina, and they informed us about their plans, starting on April 1. It is a very worthwhile project, and they will immediately start the first phase, with the development of the Marina. So I think that there will also be a significant growth in the next five years. It seems that Larnaca’s time for development has come”.

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