New development at former Larnaca refineries.

Mar 17, 2023 | Cyprus Economy

As the mayor of Larnaca, Andreas Vyras, stated, the commitment of the companies is that within the next few days they will submit an application for inspection to the Department of Labor Inspection and then the green light will be lit for the termination of the Seveso directive. “Our information is that there are some small quantities of LPG left in the facilities of Intergaz, which will complete its removal work in the coming days.”

Immediately after the termination of the Seveso directive, the ambitious Area Plan, which was published in August 2020 and should have come into force in February 2022, can be implemented. This includes Public Works, which will exceed 100 million euros. At the same time, permits will also be issued for private developments, since due to the release of a beachfront with a length of three kilometers, investor interest is very high. The first applications for development in the region have already been submitted. Israeli investors want to build two fifteen-storey buildings next to the Maritime Group, while the Petrolina group, which owns The Lion’s share of private land, is also preparing grand plans.

All construction projects, however, are foreseen to be implemented within the framework of a specific unified design and the imposition of implementation conditions during the licensing of the developments, so that the owners of private properties will be committed to the vision of the unified design. What is important at the moment, however, is the implementation of the “priority projects” concerning the shielding of the coastal front, the creation of backfill and the creation of a coastal waterfront (Promenade). For this matter, a meeting was held yesterday in the Department of urban planning, since in the next period, according to the mayor of Larnaca, the study requested by the Department of Marine Works will be ready for the works that need to be done for the recovery of a large part of the beach.

In the area there is great erosion and for this reason coastal protection works will be carried out, as well as the configuration of the public coastal area, which through the appropriate design will provide, as described in the area plan, “the possibility of creating a multifunctional park along the beach, which will be offered for multiple uses and activities”.

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