New era for Cyprus Tourism based on the Cypriot tradition

Sep 24, 2021 | Latest News

Renovations, upgrades and incentives for energy upgrades in country and mountain areas, as well as Venus route are the aim for years to come.

According to the proposal of the Cyprus recovery and Resilience Plan for the period 2021-2026, substantial proposals are submitted for restructuring Cyprus Tourism, this is the time for the sector to accelerate substantial changes in terms of these inequalities, which are expected to address seasonality and make a difference for future generations. With the aim of enhancing the sustainability and added value of the tourism sector, the integrated tourism proposal of Tomorrow includes investments linked to the implementation of a new tourism strategy for Sustainable Development, green tourism and the development of tourism in the mountains, in remote areas and areas of the interior.

The National Tourism Strategy of Cyprus, it aims to minimize the environmental impact of Tourism Development, while incentivizing the introduction and promotion of new forms of Tourism, based on the Cypriot tradition. The proposed investments aim to strengthen the sustainability of the tourism sector, while addressing the low competitiveness of Cyprus compared to other nearby destinations, its dependence on specific markets, the need to strengthen its contribution to territorial cohesion, the need to improve seasonality, the absence of a strategic advantage for Cyprus and the low recognition of Cyprus  Tourism brand.

These investments are expected to contribute to the economic diversification of the tourism sector in Cyprus. Employment opportunities as a primary or secondary source of income, especially in the mountains, in remote and interior areas, the reduction of migration. It will stimulate the repatriation, the improvement of both natural and the built environment in rural areas, as well as the reduction of seasonality in tourism.

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