The competition for Piale Pasha in Larnaca was announced.

Jul 8, 2022 | Cyprus Economy

“The study of the project was done by the Office of architects E.P.E. in Larnaca, the goal is to benefit the area itself and Larnaca with the landscaping of the facades, also to improve the quality of life for the residents and visitors of the area. The project will promote and highlight the traditional architecture and history of the area that needs special study and attention”.

This coastal district with a strong element of traditional architecture is the first image that a visitor sees since it unites the equally tourist spots, the coastal front of Finikoudes and the Mackenzie area. The area of the Turkish Cypriot quarter of Piale Pasha Street in Larnaca, has been characterized as an “area of special character”, due to the social, historical and architectural interest it presents.

The area “is of intense tourist interest and is a pole of attraction for citizens and visitors to the picturesque city of Larnaca. In 2014, the Piale Pasha Road Improvement Project was completed with co-financing from the European Union, which upgraded the area and gave a cosmopolitan, modern character to the area”.

It is noted that “the completion of the project of restoration and improvement of the facades on Piale Pasha Street highlights the area further and completes its reformation. The work that will be done to restore the facades as far as possible to their original form, is mainly of an architectural nature and includes, removal of flimsy materials and coatings, removal from the final surfaces, ceramic or stone cladding, signs, inscriptions and remove any materials that are conflicting with the character of the area”.

The announcement states that especially for listed buildings, the provisions of the Listed Buildings law 240(I)2002 and Article 38(4) of the law on Urban Planning and Spatial Planning will be followed, regarding building works and alterations to a listed building. Also, cleaning of structural elements and rust removal, detection of moisture spots, repair of cracks and damage in the masonry, plastering of the final surface, repairs of the fronts of balconies and balconies.

As stated, with the completion of the works “the area will be a jewel for the city of Larnaca”. The project can be co-financed by the European Union,the Republic of Cyprus and the municipality of Larnaca and the cost estimate is €1.052.000, 00 + VAT and will run for 15 months.

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