The development of the Port and Marina of Larnaca, sets sail for the acquisition of the first five buildings of its facilities.

Aug 29, 2023 | Cyprus Economy

Responding to concerns about project delays, Mr. Alexandrou assured that the marina’s vicinity will transform into an expansive construction site from the beginning of the year. The transformation is a prelude to the massive undertakings planned for the area.

Only a few days ago, local authorities granted approval for the construction of the initial five buildings. These structures, expected to commence in the coming April, include the central building. Anticipated to take 18 months to complete, this central hub will house Kition Ocean Holdings’ offices, as well as those of the port authority, ALK (Customs), and various local services.

Other buildings, designated for the police force, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, and the cruise terminal station, are projected to be ready in approximately 12 months. This concerted effort is driving the project towards a new era of development.

Mr. Alexandrou further detailed the progress of the plans for the pier area, which will be the site of the Yacht Club and service facilities. Construction for these entities will also commence in April. Concurrently, infrastructure works will launch, including roads, networks, and walkways. These efforts are geared towards connecting the development area seamlessly with the city.

Notably, the issue concerning port worker contracts is moving towards resolution, with collective agreements recently signed with labor unions. These agreements address the rights and privileges of workers at the port.
A Milestone on the Horizon: Theophania and the Foundation Stone
Addressing the comprehensive overhaul of the quay, Mr. Alexandrou expressed optimism that the project will reach completion before the year’s end. The aim is to synchronize the project’s progress with the Theophania festivities and the ceremonial laying of the foundation stone.

As outlined in the master plan, the project is set to unfold in four distinct phases. The real estate component promises a versatile landscape, including luxury hotels, villas, apartments, conference centers, commercial outlets, educational facilities, and more. The expansive marina will accommodate up to 650 vessels of up to 150 meters in length.

Within the port, the new passenger terminal will encompass 500 square meters. Additionally, storage spaces will be expanded, and a leisure craft repair area will be established.

Mr. Alexandrou extended an invitation to the public and entrepreneurs to leverage the available green spaces and marina infrastructure for organizing events. The rejuvenated Larnaca marina and port complex stand as a testament to visionary growth and the potential to invigorate the entire region.

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