Three major parks starting in 2023 in Larnaca

Feb 10, 2023 | Cyprus Economy

As we are informed, the new competition closed successfully, as four bids were submitted to the municipality of Larnaca. These days, the evaluation of the offers takes place and on Friday, January 20, a meeting of the Tender Committee is scheduled to make the award to the successful bidder. With the new data, in the municipality of Larnaca they hope that the start of construction work is possible in the first four months of this year.

The Municipal Park “Salina” is one of the three new large parks planned within the municipal limits of Larnaca and its expenditure is estimated to exceed two million euros. It will be built in the area of Drosia, despite the former residences of the prefect and Police Director (opposite the old ice maker), in a place where for years it remained unused. The project will be implemented on the basis of an impressive plan, which provides for two main entrance gates, one from Leonida Kiouppi street against the Municipal Garden and the other from Griva Digeni Avenue. Secondary entrance gates are also provided for pedestrians behind the two listed buildings, in which the prefect and the Larnaca Police Director previously lived.

According to the spatial plan, after the main entrance gate on Leonida Kiouppi Street, an entrance plateau will be created and then the visitor will meet the garden with the palm trees as well as the stands that will be created in an amphitheater shape. In addition, in the direction from East to West, the clearing is located, which will be a place for events. The so-called “Central Green” will be the central green core of “Salina”, while the Refreshment Room will be located between the “Central Green” and the lake, which will be the great attraction of the space. West of the lake, the “Alley” is also planned, which will be a pedestrian street between deciduous trees.

This pedestrian street is bounded between the lake and the two listed buildings.Starting from the plateau of the main entrance gate, from Leonidas Kiouppi Street, the bridge will be built that will reach the southeastern shore of the lake. The plans also provide for the creation of a playground and a children’s sports area in the south-east end.

Parks “Mediterranean-Pattichio”

As for the other two large parks planned in Larnaca, for the park “artists Mediterranean” the contract with the contractor has been signed on December 15, 2022 and construction works are expected to start soon. This park will be built on the site of the old Turkish Cypriot cinema, in the coastal Turkish Cypriot district, next to the existing “artists ‘ neighborhood”. As for Pattichio Park, it is estimated that the competition will be announced by the end of next February, with work starting, logically, in the first half of this year.

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