Why to invest in a property in Cyprus?

Mar 11, 2022 | Cyprus Economy

Alongside the sheer beauty of the island, there are lots of reasons why you should move to Cyprus. 

1. Climate 

The climate in Cyprus is enough to persuade pretty much everyone to relocate. With around 300-340 sunny days a year, who can complain? Not to mention, there are little to no rainy days from May-November. For those of you who are tired of living in a cold, rainy country, Cyprus is the perfect destination for you to move to. 

2. Economy 

Compared to other European countries, the economy in Cyprus is on the rise and remains one of the best. Cyprus is emerging into one of the strongest financial centers in Europe, making it a safe and reliable place to move to. 

3. Environment 

Cyprus is overall an aesthetically pleasing island, surrounded by breathtaking nature, beautiful beaches and of course, the sunsets and sunrises that come with it. Not only is the island nice to look at, but it remains unpolluted compared to other European countries. 

4. Lifestyle 

In Cyprus, you can live a happy, relaxed life, surrounded by crystal clear waters, and white sandy beaches. The pace of life is amongst the slowest in Europe, which offers a considerably appealing lifestyle for those who are looking to move away from the hectic city life that they are currently a part of. 

5. Infrastructure 

For such a tiny island, it is considered accessible with 2 ports, 2 airports and more. So, if the idea of island life originally scared you, you won’t be moving to an island with little or no access to the rest of the world. 

6. Tax systems 

Cyprus has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU, making it an attractive destination for pretty much everyone. Thanks to this low rate, lots of companies and organizations relocated to the beautiful island, so as you can imagine the unemployment rates are amongst the lowest.

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